What is N'DahAhKi?

N'DahAhki is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about Native issues and concerns as well as serving as a resource and communications network among Native/Indigenous Peoples and their allies everywhere. The word `N'DahAhKi,' pronounced En DAH kee, is short for N'DahAhKiNaNa, a Mohican word that translates to `Our Ancient Heartland'.

This site is a virtual extension of N'DahAhKi. It is divided into 8 parts, a number often signifying wholeness to Native peoples (the 4 cardinal points plus the 4 `in-between' points). Like a spider web, every section intertwines with the other:

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What we are thinking

In spite of- or because of- the great wealth and technologies that so affect the earth today, all beings are in great trouble. We are not only at the crossroads of human history, we are at the crossroads of earth history. There have been five major extinctions of species in the history of our planet. Today we are in the middle of the sixth.

Virtually all the terrible sufferings going on in the world today are due to one species: our own. We featherless bipeds have achieved great power that we are not worthy of. We are like a ten-year-old child with a chemistry set: old enough to get into serious trouble but not old enough to be fully responsible for our actions. The fate of the world is in our hands now. We can create a place of good or we can create a wasteland.

It is our belief that a great part of the world's troubles are due to the loss or abandonment of Indigenous values; that is, those ways of being that treat all living things as members of one great family. Life is about the relationship of all things to all things; in our human haste to acquire and hoard wealth and power, we have forgotten that we are a part of the whole. By wantonly destroying other beings, we have been destroying parts of ourselves. Even now many people do not seem to understand this fundamental truth.

By promoting the interests of Native/Indigenous peoples and the values of the Old Ways, we at EnDahKee believe that we are contributing to the healing forces of the earth. Awareness of the Original People, their joys and sufferings, and their relationship to the land help make us aware of our common humanity and the need to return to the basics.

We are not an exclusive organization; in fact, we invite all to join us. Everyone has something to contribute. Look, learn and tell us where your energies lie. And let us, as the Old Ones say, put our hearts and minds together and see what kind of future we can make for our children.


Thanks to Pat Hughes, Jake Al, Don Rugenstein, and especially Adam Bloomston.

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